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RallyWest Documents

Filename Type Comments
2015_RW_AGM_minutes.pdf pdf
2016_RW_AGM_Minutes.pdf pdf
2017_RW_AGM_minutes_draft.pdf pdf Latest AGM minutes. Still provisional until approved.
ASN-Parental-Consent-Waivers-2012.pdf pdf Annual Parental Consent Waiver for minors.
ASN_English_General_Waiver_09.pdf pdf General Waiver required at all events
CARS2018_Electronic_English.pdf pdf 2018 CARS Rulebook
RALLYWEST_2004_REGS_Ver_1.0.pdf pdf
RALLYWEST_2005_REGS_Ver_Draft_1.pdf pdf Approved but never published in final copy. _current_ regs.
RW_Bylaws_V4.1_2013.pdf pdf
Rallywest_Brochure_2005-2_clr.pdf pdf Outdated but still relevant. Please do not call Suzanne. :)
Reg_&_Tech_Self_Declaration_Form_2017.pdf pdf Performance Rally Self Declaration form
Volunteer_Positions.pdf pdf Description of Rally Volunteer Positions
Volunteer_Preparedness.pdf pdf How to be prepared as a volunteer.
Western_Canada_Rally_Championship_2006-1.pdf pdf 2006 are the _current_ regulations.