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RallyWest Events

2019 Western Canada Rally Championship

2019 Rally West TSD Championship
Complete 2019 Events Calendar
Event Title Initials Date Location Club Affiliation
Snowball Rally SNOW 2019-01-19 Calgary AB CSCC RallyWest
Winter Rally Test Day WT 2019-02-17 Kananaskis, AB CSCC RallyWest
Cochrane Winter Rally C 2019-03-02 to 2019-03-03 Cochrane AB CSCC RallyWest
Trail Of The Gnu GNU 2019-04-06 Rocky Mountain House AB CSCC RallyWest
May Rally Test Day MT 2019-05-05 Kananaskis, AB CSCC RallyWest
Rocky Mountain Rally RMR 2019-05-25 to 2019-05-26 Invermere BC CSCC RallyWest
Loop Rally LOOP 2019-06-07 to 2019-06-08 Calgary AB CSCC RallyWest
Northern Loon Rally LOON 2019-08-17 Edmonton AB ERC RallyWest
Summer Rally Test Day ST 2019-09-08 Kananaskis, AB CSCC RallyWest
Mudlark Rally MUD 2019-09-21 Nanton AB CSCC RallyWest
Pacific Forest Rally PFR 2019-09-27 to 2019-09-28 Merritt BC WCRA RallyBC
Sports Car Olympics SCO 2019-10-26 Regina SK QCMA RallyWest
Kananaskis Rally KAN 2019-10-27 Kananaskis AB CSCC RallyWest
Hunting Of The Snark SNARK 2019-11-23 Calgary CSCC RallyWest
RallyWest AGM AGM 2019-11-26 Calgary RW RallyWest
Frozen Loon Rally FRZN 2019-11-30 Edmonton AB ERC RallyWest
Big White Winter Rally BWWR 2019-12-07 to 2019-12-08 Kelowna BC WCRA RallyBC