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Northern Apex

Driver: Nolan Frisky, AB
Co-Driver: Rob Jackett, Calgary AB
Vehicle: 2002 Volkswagen Golf 2.0
Experience: Novice
Instagram: NorthernApex
Starting out as a photographer and videographer we headed out to the kaninaskis Rally to kill a day and watch some real racing and shoot some footage to play with at a later date. We noticed that a TSD Rally was coming up in a few short weeks and decided to enter the golf (whats the worst that could happen)

Finishing our third rally at the gnu, first in novice (even after a hard impact with a snowbank) we have our sights on building the golf eventually into a stage car. It just needs some repairs and upgrades to it first.

Last photo curtesy of Shawn bishop[Driver: Nolan Frisky CoDriver: Rob Jackett]