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Cuddy Motorsports

Driver: Ryan Cuddy, Calgary AB
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Co-Driver: Peter Brook, Lethbridge AB
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Vehicle: 2004 Subaru WRX
Experience: Expert
Instagram: @cuddymotorsports
A Swiss driver, living in Canada; My interest in Rally started at a very young age in Europe; after many years away from racing I decided to get back into it. I started rallying in Canada in 2014, and have not looked back. We have had are ups and downs like everyone in Rally, but now things seem to have come together. I managed to lock down a great experienced co-driver, Peter Brook, he sits in the silly seat next to me and we work very well together. We have been working hard this year as a goal of finishing in the top 10 at National events in our production 2004 Subaru WRX. So far this season we have be meeting our goals of finishing in the 10 top at National rallies in the west. We will be participating at Kananaskis regional rally and finally at the last National event at Big White in December this year. It has been a very intense year with another project on the go, we are currently building an Open 4wd car to compete with in the 2019 Season. Our lead mechanic Max, and supporting service crew Jacky and Daniel, keep the car going when we bring it into service with broken parts; these guys work very hard under difficult conditions to make sure the car is fixed and safe to continue racing. Good job guys, without you, we would not be able to race competitively.We have added Dalton to our team, he is in charge of photos and our social media, keeping people informed of the developments that take place in our racing and updates on the development of the new car.
I would like to thank the following companies for supporting our dreams with this new build:

Lakeview Automotive
Millers Oils ltd
Comp Turbo
Kaps Transmissions

Photo credit 1: Shawn Bishop
Photo credit 2: Shawn Bishop
Photo credit 3: Shawn Bishop