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Rocky Mountain Rally Volunteer Signup

Online Signup Form

If you bookmark this page (with the token) you will be able to update your entry at a later date.

This form must be completed for EACH person. If you plan on bringing someone, please complete a form for them as well!

If you need assistance with the form or have questions, call the volunteer coordinator (Brad) at (403) 618-3191

To clear this form and register another volunteer: please click here

What is your preferred method of contact?
Are you of the age of majority? 18+
If no, parental consent will be required for you to volunteer. Download waiver: ASN_English_Parental_Consent_Waiver.pdf


Please select the days that you are available to volunteer.
What day will you be arriving (if local enter Wednesday)
What time will you be able to start helping?

Emergency Contact

Mother/Father/Brother/Sister etc.
Will your Emergency Contact be at the event?

Allergies & Medical Information

Please provide any details to help us with planning lunch and banquet dinner, and any other information you feel is necessary.

Do you have any allergies?
Do you have any other important medical information you feel the organiser should know about?


Do you have a vehicle you are bringing to the event?
Are you comfortable driving on gravel, mud, ice and snow?

Ham Radio Operator

Are you a licensed amateur radio operator?
Do you have radio equipment that can be used at the event?
Indicate your equipment type:
Do you have the ability to crossband transmit?

Previous Experience & Job Preference

Select the following job types that you have performed in the past.
Select all that apply. No experience is necessary, so if you have not worked a performance rally in the past, please skip this section.
Select a role for this event:
You aren't locked in to this role this just lets us notify the appropriate person to start with.
You can view detailed information about the positions here: Volunteer_Positions.pdf
Do you have a specific job you would like to perform?
Select all that apply


To take advantage of free accommodations at Copper Point Resort during your stay, you are required to book through us and we will assign you a bed in a shared suite (up to 5 people). If you wish to have your own private room or want to book elsewhere, you are free to do so at the hotel rate however we will be unable to reimburse you

I will need accomodations.
Room Preferences?
Let us know who you want to room with and if applicable, if you will be sharing a bed, and also provide any special restrictions or comments.
Will you be attending the banquet after the event?


If you bookmark this page (with the token) you will be able to update your signup at a later date.